The Kamado

  • Quick start-up

A quality kamado gets up to temperature very quickly. You fill it up with fresh lump charcoal, light it and after 15 minutes it has a temperature of 180°C. Just enough time to set the table 😉 


  • Maintenance

A kamado requires little maintenance or cleaning. To clean the inside, it is sufficient to burn it at high temperature once in a while. Combine this if possible with baking some delicious pizzas. Next to this you need to remove the firebox once a year to take out the remaining ashes and check every now and then that all screws are still tight.


  • Accurate temperature control

Thanks to the airtight seal of the kamado you determine the oxygen flow into the device. This allows for very precise temperature control. Simply allow more or less oxygen by setting the upper and lower vents. 


  • Ecological and Economical

Thanks to the unique design of a kamado with its airtight seal and high mass, it’s not only accurately adjustable but also consumes very little charcoal. When you finish cooking you close the air flow and the charcoal extinguishes. Next time you will continue using it so nothing is lost. With one load of charcoal, you can easily cook for more than 15 hours at 100°C, grill for 4 to 5 hours at 180°C or bake pizza’s for 1.5 hours at 380°C. Be sure to use quality restaurant charcoal with large pieces like our Restaurant Grade or Big Block charcoal


  • Flavor

Meat that you cook on a kamado gets that fantastic wood-fired flavor!

That’s because you’re using real quality lump charcoal in your kamado. This gives your food a wonderful wood fire flavor, which you can never achieve with a gas grill. 


  • More tender meat

Because of the airtight seal and the high mass of the kamado, the temperature is maintained well and there is no unnecessary air circulation in the BBQ. All the air you allow through the vents is fully used to maintain the desired temperature. The airtight seal ensures that there is no unnecessary air circulation that can cause your meat to dry out. The result is deliciously tender and juicy meat!


  • Burns longer for better slow cooking

Quality lump charcoal like our Restaurant Grade Charcoal burns longer because it’s made from hard South African acacia wood. In addition, they consist of a combination of fast igniting small chunks and long smoldering large chunks, allowing you to cook food slowly at low temperature (‘low & slow’). With ordinary charcoal from the supermarket, you get too many cheaper small chunks and not enough big chunks.


Secret behind how a kamado works!

Why is it that a kamado offers all these advantages, versatility, stability and precise temperature control, more tender meat and a delicious authentic wood fire flavor?


  • Mass

The large mass and high weight of your Kamado Joe makes it very easy to maintain the same temperature for a long time, even in cold or windy weather.


  • Airtight closure

If you’re looking you’re not cooking! A famous saying among pitmasters and it couldn’t be more true! The dome of your Kamado Joe fits airtight to the base thanks to the gasket. This allows you to determine the exact amount of air that can enter the device. You control the temperature very precisely and limit the air flow in your kamado to a minimum. The result: very low charcoal consumption and maximum moisture retention in your meat and other dishes.

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