About us

A new BBQ?! What a search!

In 2014 I found the ultimate BBQ. After a long search online on BBQ forums and  social media, I kept coming up with the same (then quite unknown) brand: Kamado Joe!

This beautiful kamado that the first users spoke so enthusiastically about had all the features on my list:

  • User-friendly
  • Complete
  • Rock solid
  • Innovative
  • And with a lot of possibilities!


Love at first sight

Call it love at first sight, call it a risk. I haven’t regretted it for a second. Kamado Joe is still the best BBQ out there!

As first in Belgium and with thefirst few all over Europe I started as a distributor of Kamado Joe. In the meantime, we have already made thousands of BBQ heroes very happy with their new Kamado Joe! We have grown into the largest Kamado Joe distributor and specialist!

So yes, I challenge you! Become a Kamado Joe fan and I am sure a whole new world of BBQ will open up for you.

Our customers enjoy it to the full and BBQ several times a week the whole year round. They experiment with larger pieces, slow cooking, pizza’s, new dishes, quiche, oven dishes, baking bread, pulled pork, …

Jan Luts

Jan Luts 

Business owner | Customer service | Kamado Joe expert | Pitmaster

My BBQ habits

As a real carnivore, I especially like large pieces of meat: Côte-à-los, Wagyu Picanha, Brisket, …  

I trim the fat nicely and spoil it with a dry rub before it goes into the kamado.

Estimating the perfect cooking time is a true art form that I have perfected over the years.

Tip: don’t buy meat that has been treated with an oil-based marinade, but buy your meat pure and use one of our dry rubs to season it.

Sarah Horions

Sarah Horions

Co- owner | Office Manager | BBQ Lover

My BBQ habits 

For me, the best thing about BBQ is the social gathering both during and after the BBQ.

I prefer ‘Sharing dishes’ such as a pulled pork nacho dish, grilled mussels with green curry or pizza Amatriciana.

In the meantime I also love cooking on our Kamado Joe’s, the lid opens easily and it is a pleasure to have such ease of use and versatility!



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