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Spicy Chipotle BBQ Rub – 180g


Delicious BBQ spice mix based on Chipotle peppers. When you like it a bit spicier!

Only natural ingredients
A balanced and powerful blend of herbs and spices especially for barbecue.
Award winning BBQ Rub!
Chipotle peppers are ripe Jalapeno peppers which have been smoked and dried slowly. Chipotle peppers are known for the sweet and smoky taste. Chipotle peppers are a favorite spicy addition to BBQ dishes.
Spicy and smokey
This allows you to rub in your BBQ product, preferably at least half an hour before barbecuing.
paprika, salt, onion, sugar, garlic, chipotle pepper, green jalapeño pepper, red jalapeño pepper, paprika (smoked), chili, pepper, fennel seed, cumin