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€4 849,99
The ProJoe is the latest technologic masterpiece of Kamado Joe and the big brother in the Kamado Joe family!
Now with FREE BBQ PACKAGE for a value of €276 €100 extra discount, check here what is included in the package!
With its complete finish in stainless steel and new 'hyperbolic' technology, this BBQ is the cream of the crop under the ceramic BBQs!
Ideal for professionals or the discerning hobby cook and extremely suitable for slow cooking.
What you can expect from the ProJoe:
- A lot of space in the BBQ, cooking surface is 61cm like the Big Joe but the ProJoe is 107 cm high, weight 230 kg
- Three-Tier Divide & Conquer Flexible Cooking System
- The extra height provides more space for food but also a better air flow
- New hyperbolic heat shield, this hyperbolic system together with the height of the BBQ creates a cyclonic airflow in the BBQ
- Thanks to the height and the hyperbolic system, the heat distribution is better (no hot spots) and the BBQ is much better equipped to smoke and of course for Slow Cooking
- Complete finish in stainless steel, each metal part is made of stainless steel
- Delivered standard with built-in 'Kick Ash Basket'
- Possibility to place the ProJoe on a mobile but very stable foot
- All Kamado Joe innovations of 2017 but superior finish:
  • • Control Tower Top Vent from stainless steel
  • • Air Lift Hinge from stainless steel
- Of course all standard Kamado Joe innovations can also be found on the ProJoe:
  •       • slide out Ash Drawer for comfortable removal of the ashes
  •       • Divide & Conquer Flexible Cooking System
  •       • AMP firebox to prevent cracks in the firebox
  •       • Wire Mesh Fibre Glass Gasket for better air sealing of the lid and a very long service life
  •       • and of course also the excellent Kamado Joe service, aftersales & lifetime warranty
All these innovations together make the ProJoe a real 'game changer' in the BBQ landscape !!!
Do you have questions about the ProJoe? Do not hesitate, contact us
         + 32 488 844 345