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Wireless BBQ & Kitchen Thermometer (ET-733)


The Wireless BBQ & Kitchen Thermometer (ET-733) from Maverick is a handy and complete meat thermometer. It is very handy and extremely suitable to monitor the temperature of your dishes from a distance when you are smoking or during Low & Slow sessions. This enables you to do other things at home while you are cooking.

It has 15 different settings for fish and meat, that can be changed to taste. Distance between sender receiver up to 95 meters (line of sight).


This complete meat / core thermometer has everything you need to cook meat or fish. Multiple probes, measuring over distance, ability to preprogram and safe all sorts of meat and fish hand these setting scan be saved. Also when the thermometer is shut down.

  • This set contains a sender, a receiver, 2 hybrid probes and 2 grill clips. (grill clips are used to attach the probe above the surface of the grill)
  • The probes are hybrid so they can be used for the measuring of the meat and the temperature of the BBQ / oven.
  • Check the BBQ / oven temperature and the core temperature simultaneously but it’s also possible to measure the temperature of 2 pieces of meat or 2 BBQ’s simultaneously!
  • Probes can withstand temperatures up to 380°C. ATTENTION: Don’t use probes and wires above direct fire.
  • The settings are saved when the thermometer is shut down.
  • 15 Preprogrammed temperatures for meat and fish that can be altered to your taste.
  • Alarm signal when desired temperature is reached
  • Alarm signal when signal between sender and receiver is lost.
  • Massive range up to 95 meter (line of sight, microwave ovens and WiFi can influence the signal)
  • Temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit.
  • The receiver has a range from 0°C to 300°C (32°F-572°F)
  • In BBQ mode you can set an upper limit from 60°C tot 300°C (140°F – 572°F) and a lower limit from 0°C to 290°C (32°F-554°F)
  • 4 AAA batteries inclusive



- Color: Black

- Range sender-receiver: up to 95 meters (line of sight)

-  Presets: Yes

- Preset number: 15

- Presets adjustable: Yes

- Measure multiple pieces of meat simultaneously: Yes, 2 pieces

-  Number of Probes:               2

-  Type of Probes:   2 Hybrid Probes            

-  Inclusive Batteries:   Yes

- Upper temperature BBQ/Oven Adjustable:   Yes

-  Lower temperature BBQ/Oven Adjustable:   Yes