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BBQ & Kitchen Pen Thermometer (PT-100 BBQ)


The BBQ & Kitchen Pen Thermometer (PT-100 BBQ) from Maverick measures extremely quick the core temperature of your food. It’s handy in use, accurate and reacts very quick. Ideal for measuring the core temperature of steak, game or poultry that you grill at high temperature in your BBQ or in a normal pan.


The Maverick BBQ & Kitchen Pen Thermometer (PT100-BBQ) measures the core temperature of food extremely quick. By simply opening the probe you will switch it on. The temperature sensor of this thermometer sits in the small end of the probe. Insert the probe till the middle of the food and the temperature is displayed. Not only meat, fish or vegetables but also sauces and soups can be easily checked for there temperatures.  

PT100-BBQ Thermocouple thermometer:

    • Has a fast thermocouple (Type K) with integral stainless steel micro tip needle.
    • Is water & dust resistant (IP44.)
    • Is schock resistant
    • High Contrast LCD with illumination blue white numbers and black screen for use in the dark.
    • Factory calibration certificate included guarantees prestation & accuracy.
    • Length of the probe 10 cm.
    • Has Auto Power Save after 5 minutes of inactivity.
    • Switch on automatically when needle is opened.
    • Gives signal when battery is almost empty (battery-indicator).
    • Selectable temperature scale (Fahrenheit or Celsius).
    • Uses 3-AAA batteries (Included).
    • Temperature range: -40°C to +230°C


-  Color Thermometer:   Red / Grey

-  Number of probes:    1

-  Type Probes:   /

-  Batteries Inclusive:   Yes